Water quality concerns are at an all time high.

For potable (drinkable) water we offer a basic package of four tests to determine if the water meets drinking water standards. These tests are for coliform bacteria, e-coli bacteria, nitrates and nitrites. Recommended minimum testing for wells. Frequently we are asked to test for lead (especially important if there are children in the home), sodium (since water softeners add salt to the water and people are concerned about salt intake), and arsenic (which is found in high levels in certain areas and has been proven to cause cancer). We offer a comprehensive package that tests for coliform bacteria, e-coli bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, lead, sodium, arsenic and turbidity.

For city water, we suggest testing for lead, copper, and chlorine. Lead will leach into the water from pipes that are soldered with lead solder and from fixtures that contain lead alloys. Copper will leach into the water from copper pipes, especially if the water is corrosive. Chlorine is added to water to kill bacteria. Many people are concerned about chlorine levels and sometimes the municipality goes overboard and you can smell the chlorine in the water.

These services are performed in addition to the home inspection, and carry fees as follows:
    1. Basic package 55.00
    2. Comprehensive package 160.00
    3. Lead, copper, chlorine package 95.00

Specific testing, can be done, for example: petroleum, fluoride, mercury and many others. The above packages can be performed separately from the home inspection, and all tests can be done individually. Call for pricing.